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K’oyitl’ots’ina’s Shareholders

K’oyitl’ots’ina’s Shareholder Relations Department manages all records associated with the disposition of shares, shareholder meetings, meetings of the board of directors and dividend payments. All transfers of stock must go through the Shareholder Relations Department.

Shareholders should notify the Shareholder Relations department in writing of a change of address. Change of address/name forms are available from the Shareholder Relations Department or by printing the records change form on this site. Shareholders may also submit a written notification, signed by the shareholder, that includes the shareholder’s name, new address and telephone number.

If a shareholder has a legal name change, he or she should submit written notification of the name change with a copy of the legal document authorizing the change (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce decree specifically restoring former name, adoption decree, etc.) to the Shareholder Relations Department.

1) Transfer of Shares

Under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Amendments of 1987, settlement common stock of Native corporations can be transferred as an inter vivos gift from a shareholder to another person under specific conditions. (An “inter vivos gift” is a voluntary transfer by one living person to another without payment or other consideration.)

By law, the recipient of K’oyitl’ots’ina shares transferred by an inter vivos gift must be a descendant who is related to the donor.

Things to Consider Before Gifting Your Stock

  • The shares must be given as a true gift. You cannot receive anything of value in exchange for the gift of stock, nor can you be promised anything of value.

  • It is required for gifts to be made in whole shares.

  • If you give all of your shares away, you will no longer be a K’oyitl’ots’ina shareholder.

  • The transfer of shares is irrevocable. You lose all rights to any stock that you gift, and you cannot get the stock back.

  • Voting rights associated with any shares you transfer will belong to the person who receives the shares, and you will no longer be entitled to vote those shares.

  • The person receiving the stock has the right to will the stock to anyone he or she chooses. Should that person die without leaving a will, his or her stock would be distributed to that person’s heirs in accordance with the Alaska laws of intestate succession.

  • Once the stock is transferred, dividends and distributions associated with the transferred shares will belong to the person who receives the shares, and that person will be responsible for payment of any and all taxes due in connection with those dividends and distributions.

2) Instructions to Transfer Shares

In order to transfer shares, some of the paperwork will need to be notarized, as they are legal documents. Please complete and return to this office, the following items:

To be completed by giver:

  1. Notarized inter vivos transferal of shares form.

  2. Request for replacement of stock certificate form. This form has to be completed in order to void the existing stock certificate.

To be provided by the recipient(s), if the recipient(s) is an adult:

  1. Completed acceptance of the gift of stock form

  2. Completed and notarized affidavit of identity

  3. Copy of BIA or tribal ID

  4. Copy of birth certificate

To be provided by the custodian of the recipient(s), if the recipient(s) is a minor:

  1. Completed and notarized acceptance of custodianship form

  2. Completed and notarized affidavit of child identity form

  3. Completed and notarized acceptance of gift of stock form

  4. Copy of BIA or tribal ID

  5. Copy of birth certificate

If either the giver of the recipient is an adult who is unable to speak for him or herself, a legal guardian is required to submit documentation of guardianship.

Once we receive all necessary paperwork from you, we will transfer the shares. When this is complete, we will issue both the giver and the recipient(s) new certificates with the new number of shares.

When you receive your original stock certificate, you will have the option of signing it and returning it to the office for safe-keeping. We strongly urge you to fill out the back of your original stock certificate. This is your will and designates who your stock shares will go to in the event of your death. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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