Executive Overview

K Corp is a 100% Native-owned business that comes from humble beginnings. We have a board of nine elected directors.

K Corp was founded with the passage of the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement and has grown since them from our villages along the Koyukuk River into a company with branches across the United States. K Corp, through Soos Holding Company, is a leader in the field of technical facilities management.


Culture and Values

K Corp's values come from its Athabascan origins—surviving the harsh arctic climate requires teamwork, resourcefulness, and respect. We foster this attitude in the work we do every day.


Projects in Twenty One States and Two Territories


K Corp partly operates through our subsidiary companies:

  • Yukon Fire Safety 

  • Brooks Range Contract Services 

  • K Corp Reliance Company 

  • K Corp Technology Services

  • K Corp Support Services

Trusted Partners

K Corp continues to be the trusted leader for premiere services to top U.S. government departments and agencies.


Operations, maintenance, security, and fire protection systems services


High-end facility management and fire safety for government entities including the military and national laboratories.