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Executive Overview

K Corp is a 100% Native-owned business that comes from humble beginnings. We have a board of nine elected directors.

K Corp was founded with the passage of the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement and has grown since then, from our villages along the Koyukuk River into a company with branches across the United States. K Corp, through Soos Holding Company, is a leader in the field of technical facilities management.

About - Executive Overview

Culture and Values

K Corp's values come from its Athabascan origins—surviving the harsh arctic climate requires teamwork, resourcefulness, and respect. We foster this attitude in the work we do every day.

About - Culture and Values

Projects in Twenty One States and Two Territories


K Corp partly operates through our subsidiary companies:

  • Yukon Fire Protection Services

  • Brooks Range Contract Services 

  • K Corp Reliance Company 

  • K Corp Technology Services

  • K Corp Support Services

Trusted Partners

K Corp continues to be the trusted leader for premiere services to top U.S. government departments and agencies.


Operations, maintenance, security, and fire protection systems services


High-end facility management and fire safety for government entities including the military and national laboratories.

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